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    This extraordinary bhelpuri chutney is a tasty bubble ready to burst on your tongue taste buds. Envelope the crunchy bhelpuri with this bhelpuri chutney to help the chaat wield a powerful ammunition to which the tongue surrenders.

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    The unavoidable chutney to make the delicious and popular Bombay sandwich. Its balanced levels of coriander leaves, mint, ginger puree and green chillies will leave you awestruck and the Bombay sandwhich dumbstruck. But you might even miss the natural flavour of coconut if you get occupied devouring upon the sandwich itself. If you are with a gourmand impress him with the chutney using as a salad dressing.

  • Pasand Coriander Chutney (Dhaniya Chutney)

    Pasand Coriander Chutney (Dhaniya Chutney) is used as an all-purpose spread or dip for Indian snacks, samosa, kachori, dhokla, bread cutlet, pakoras, bhajiyas, fritters, kathi rolls and even frankies. Feeling distressed after getting badly stuck in a traffic congestion or feeling dull after a long work from home session, take a break from life and simply spread this marvelous magic on a bread toast.

    This is a Vegetarian product.

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    Missing the delhi street food, this spicy date tamarind chutney is superior in taste and quality that goes along with all indian chaat and snacks like aloo tikki, dahi bhalla, bhel puri, papdi chaat, sev puri and raj kachori. Must try for those who are a total stranger to the Dilliwaala chaat delicacies. Don’t fear the extra punch of the irani hing, often ignored but a potent ingredient in Delhi street food.

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    Pasand Garlic Chutney is crafted with the choiciest of ingredients to complement your regular meals or snacks with tangy, zingy and spicy flavour notes. It is the perfect accompaniment to your Dosas, Momos, Idlis, Rolls and many more snack items.

  • Pasand Garlic Chutney Powder Lehsun Thecha PasandFoodsPasand Garlic Chutney Powder Lehsun Thecha PasandFoods

    Pasand Garlic Chutney Powder (Lehsun Thecha) is a dry chutney powder of the highest quality.

    It is the traditional home-made ‘lehsuni thecha’ made using fresh garlic cloves and red chillies and supplemented with a superb blend of spices. Special variety of small garlic cloves having high pungency are selected for the best flavour profile.

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    A must have dipping sauce for the table that serves barbecue and starter-appetizer, goes best with smoked paneer, smoked veggies, tikka and barbecue and even cheese naan. Add dahi to make each appetizer experience a trip down the Indian restaurant.

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    Raining outside and unable to find the correct food to complement the charming rainy season. Think of pakoras but before getting them, keep this pakora chutney ready to make the rains sing to you through your tongue.

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    It’s a pani puri evening programe for dinner. You have asked the husband or kids to get the pooris packet. Forget making the spicy mint paani from scratch and keep this ready. Used to make the green minty pani puri water for pani puri dish, dilute as per taste to achieve best results, generally dilution is 1:4 with chilled water. Feel the real freshness of mint.

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    From the simplest chilli cheese toast to cooking the gamut of Chinese and Mexican foods, spread some on roti, paratha, thepla and make a wrap out of it, can be used with mayo to make chilli-mayo.

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    A superb dipping sauce for the world famous Indian samosa, its real tangy tamarind and date base is essential for any samosa lover. The marvelous orchestra of tangy tamarind, sweet dates, spices and ground condiments make this chutney a wondrous laboratory formula difficult to recreate at homes.

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    Tired of the same old ketchup brands which sell sugar in the guise of ketchup. Try out the new boy in town made from more tomatoes and less sugar. Make your French fries, sandwiches, burgers, Frankie smile red with this condiment made from real handpicked fresh tomatoes. One can even dare to make a blunder by using it on pizzas !