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  • Pasand's Awesome Fresh Turmeric Pickle (Amba Haldar).

    Fresh turmeric slices pickled in brine. Feel the goodness of amba haldar (yellow turmeric) and amba mor (orange turmeric). Hand cut and sliced to perfection these healthy roots are great accompaniment to any meals as salad or as sheer turmeric slices. Pasand’s Awesome Fresh Turmeric Pickle (Amba Haldar).

  • Chana Methi Pickle (Spicy Chickpea Pickle)

    It is simply a chick-pea fenugreek pickle. It is made with chana (chickpea), methi (fenugreek), and raw mango pieces perked up with a large assortment of spices and preserved with oil. Pasand’s popular Chana Methi Pickle (Spicy Chickpea Pickle),

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    Pasand green chilli pickle is basically a hot pickle in pure sense. The careful selection of green chilli variety plays a determinate role in ensuring the reins of hotness are in the hands and not getting out of control for the eyes and hands to scramble for water to quench the burning mouth.

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    Pasand lime pickle is the ultimate nimbu ka aachar. Procured from kagzi lime growing states of Karnataka, each and every freshly arriving lemons from farm are inspected only to reject and disqualify those with the black spots.

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    Pasand’s Pickle Gift Box is an ideal gift for your friend or family member who relishes high quality pickles.

    This gift box includes Aam Chhundo, Mango Pickle, Lime Pickle Sweet, Mixed Pickle, Gorkeri & Green Chilli Pickle.

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    Pasand Red Chilli Pickle has a fresh, tangy, spicy and salty flavor. Handpicked red chillies have been seasoned with spices to enhance the flavour of this exotic banarasi mix.