The perfect Indian Achaar (Pickle) collection for my Dining Table

Creating the perfect Indian achaar (pickle) collection for your dining table involves offering a variety of flavors, textures, and regional specialties to cater to different preferences for your family & friends.

Why are Indian Chutneys & Pickles (Achaars) soo important for Indian Cuisine?

Indian chutneys and pickles (achaars) are both integral components of Indian cuisine, each serving unique roles and offering distinct flavors. Here’s why they are both so important:

Chutneys that are a must have for my Indian Kitchen & Dining Table

For a well-rounded Indian kitchen and dining table, consider including a variety of chutneys to complement different dishes. Here are some must-have chutneys:


Most popular Achaars (Pickles) in India

Determining the “best” or the “most popular” achaar (pickle) in India can be subjective since it depends on personal taste preferences and regional variations. However, some widely acclaimed and popular varieties include: